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  • Customer Service or Service Excellence training and coaching

We help organization audit their internal organizational culture and then work with the organization in crafting and installing the desired culture. All organisations desire some level of service excellence. We help custom design service excellence programmes to assist organisations provide seamless service throughout and thus turn both the internal and external customer into a 'raving fan' of the organization or the brand. The whole process is packaged in a way that inspires the service provider to integrate what they do with their whole life purpose. Sessions deal with the individual, then the team and then the ‘moments of truth’ with the external customer.

  • Leadership Training & Development.

We sincerely believe that everything rises and falls on leadership. Our approach to leadership training and development uses cutting edge leadership principles that challenge our participants to push back the boundaries of what they think is possible. It has become common knowledge that a title does not make a person a leader and that a manager is not necessarily a leader – we thus push the envelope on these issues to points where our participants eventually embrace the idea that leadership is more about responsibilities than rights and that at its core it has more to do with a 360 degree value adding life rather than some success in one area of one’s life. It is this stance and approach that sets our programmes apart.

  • Motivational Talks

We offer a range of talks and speeches on different topics that help individuals and teams think differently about themselves, their circumstances and their future. Where possible we make the talks interactive and always engage our audiences by using multi media tools and equipment. We customize each talk and presentation to suit the set up, theme and need of each client. No audience is too small or too big for us – and we believe everyone can outperform their 'yesterday-show' and with the right tools we all can exceed our own expectations. There are many in this industry that do what we do, but we believe there are few who package and personalize such products for each client as well as we do.

  • Team Building

We help organisations audit the dynamics within their departments and establish whether they function as teams or groups. We then help the organisations and departments evolve from being well intentioned and focused groups into prolific teams made of well positioned specialists and executors of departmental and organizational goals. This involves the processing of sound principles of 'winning teams' and the actual practical team activities and games that break the walls and silos of individualism. In the practical activities we have low impact exercises – that can be engaged in small spaces and with less strenuous activities, medium impact exercises – that are a little more exerting and full impact 'boot camp' style exercises. We customize all these to client's requirements and limitations. Some of these can be done within the organisations' grounds, others need more open space outside - others require a full obstacle course.

  • Coaching & Mentorship Programmes

To bridge the gap between head knowledge and real execution of what one knows, it is sometimes critical that individuals and teams are put through either a coaching or mentorship programme. SkillUP24 facilitates the setting up of such processes and programmes for individuals and for groups. Like Aristotle put it: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit". SkillUP24, through these programmes, puts you on the journey of mastering those habits that help you deliver at the highest possible level.

Conference or Convention Speaking
Because of our background in business and specifically retail, we speaks authoritatively on a wide range of business topics – ranging from issues of business and organizational strategy, talent management, leadership, team work, superior customer service, growing sales and market share, brand and organizational competitiveness in an ever changing business world. We speaks at organizational and business conferences to audiences of different professions. Our talks are always laced with well researched best practice examples and intriguing insights into issues. It is our ability to bring about a convergence of a diversity of thoughts onto a topic and package it with clarity, simplicity, (and humour even) and inspiration that sets us apart. Both our content and delivery has won us many referrals.

  • Skills training & Enrichment – unlocking human potential.

We sincerely believe that every person has a skill and a talent and that those who may not have enough of such can access tools to grow and develop this in many places. We help individuals and teams realize their skill set or gifting and then process with them the tools that enable them to deploy those skills effectively. Enriching their skills allows the individuals not to just be efficient – but rather to be effective – thus get the desired results. This enables individuals to work smart rather than just working hard. We also believe skills development and training can take individuals and teams only so far. There is a need for skill enrichment and coaching to get greater output.

  • Workshop facilitation & Corporate Events MC services.

We believe that the effectiveness of a workshop or similar exercise lies not only in the content and concepts covered but also in how they are presented and processed. We have refined the art of turning ordinary workshop material & presentations into high impact and thoroughly engaging material – through the use of effective and diverse audio visual equipment and smart discussion catalyst tools. No workshop or business meeting needs be ordinary in this day and age – just that little extra we bring along can add the needed extra to the ordinary. We have also refined the art of turning corporate events from being ‘just OK’ events to being “WOW’ events through some smart MC’ing and value adding. No event needs to be ‘just OK’ – the ‘WOW’ factor is readily available to those who will seek it.

  • Service Excellence Programmes

SkillUP 24- seeks to work individuals, teams and organization to craft customized 'Service Excellence Programmes' that address the gaps and give the desired results. We habitualise seamless service excellence.

  • Team Energizers

Every now and then, even the best teams need a re-energizing. We help organisations and businesses craft energizer events through out the year to keep their staff focused and motivated to deliver the desired results. It is skillUP 24’s belief that the benefits of such programmes far outweigh some of the 'feared and assumed costs'. These events can be customized to any budget .

  • Presentation Skills

Success in any endeavor has in part to do with how one projects themselves to different ‘publics’. In part that projection has to do with how one packages themselves (grooming) and how one verbally and non verbally communicates. Whether it is the grooming, or giving a full blown business presentation – we help clients put the best ‘show’ for their ‘public'. Like all other skills and habits – it is first a choice to learn, then a commitment to practice and finally a celebration of having arrived. skillUP24 assists clients on that journey

  • Mastering Power Point & Key Note

Tools like Power Point and Key Note have been so badly used in some cases such that there are people who now talk of death by power point'. It need not be! skillUP 24 will equip you with the skills to effectively use these tools and should you want to take your game to professional levels – skillUP 24 will coach you.



    In this programme we help organisations get their employees breathe and live the organisation’s vision, mission, values and strategy. The programme is tailor made for each organisation and we work with management to ensure we capture the spirit of the brand and package it in a way that the employees become passionate and proud to be part of the organisation. The programme creates enthusiasm within the whole organisation and engenders a spirit of oneness and focused productivity.

    It is our sincere belief that organisations must only employ people who BELEIVE in the vision, mission,values and stategy of their organisation. People who understand the WHY - the cause - the reason the organisation exists. A reason that is above making money or bottom line issues. Only when organisations have articulated that ‘WHY’ and communicated it effectively (branding) and connected emotionally with their staff do such organisations have a chance to make their mark and have a trans-generational impact on the planet.