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Why do we exist?
We exist to change the world – one person at a time.

How do we that?
By crafting, customizing and executing inspirational, paradigm shifting highly contagious soft skills programmes.

What do we do?
We train and develop people’s skills and seek to be in the top 3 most sought after soft skills development and training consultancy in any market we serve.

Our History

The idea of skillUP24 was birthed in 2004, when the founder Keith Kagiso Heywood was having a morning shower at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Unlike others who ran naked out of the bathroom shouting ‘Eureka.. I found it’ – Keith walked out fully clothed to tell his family and friends at the Campsite that he had found out why he was born. In his words: ‘Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s it!’ From that day on Keith developed the Keith Inspires (Ki) brand and through it sought every opportunity to motivate and inspire people to realise they could BELIEVE differently, ACT differently and BECOME different and hence push back the boundaries of what they ordinarily had thought possible.

SkillUP24 was eventually launched through the parent company Premier People Power Pvt Ltd, which was registered in 2014. Today skillUP24 is growing its market share by continuing to offer its unique blend of soft skills training, development and enrichment within Zimbabwe, the region and globally.

To date skillUP24 has the had the privilege to do work in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary India, Indonesia, Oman ,South Africa, Zambia, Malawi not to mention the homeland Zimbabwe. SkillUP24 has worked with some leading brands in the banking, insurance, retail, hospitality, education and civic sector.

Company’s Core Structure
The company is run by a crew of 3:- Keith Kagiso Heywood who directs strategy, Patience Nozipho Heywood – who heads administration and Priscilla Sanelisiwe Sagonda who drives operations. Specialized, hand picked independent consultants in the skillUP24 network, also act as part of the team.